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  1. So what did you end up doing then? Yeah I bet you was like an Angel Haha, Yeah it's really nice.. It's cool too see we seem too share the same values when it comes too family x
  2. Yeah LOL I don't mind I'm sure Yep, very true I am always good I did indeed, was a good laugh Aww but, being with family in general is nice x
  3. Haha wouldn't bother me! I know.. got you! I won't say anymore anyways.. Layla is nice too! Okay that's fair enough, each too there own.. hope you was good? LOL! You have a good night? I was out with family again, nothing special but it was nice. x
  4. Yeah..Well just have too wait and see Just about women LOL Well that's true and i don't usually like blondes but, I could also say about Punk, Christian ect.. LOL I won't though All of them are nicer than those too but, I am a girl remember LOL You got me there though LOL Pretty though,ain't gonna lie... I think he has some talent but, he wants too be people he isn't that is why i don't like him, he thinks he has his own persona but, he doesn't..Yeah I went out last night, that's why the late replay Wbu? x
  5. Yeah got a class team anyways.. hopefully you don't win the league again though Haha, What do you mean LOL! you said Ryder was nice.. and he's clearly not as nice as Maryse or Kelly Kelly! Do you think he's a good wrestler though? or do you just not like him? You doing anything today? x
  6. Nah we're good I shouldn't have said anything LOL He awesome He ain't be wants too be too many people at once but, everyone likes different people Thanks x
  7. I don't think you need anybody either, I really still thought you would have signed someone by now Haha she is fine.. Not as nice as Mayrse though Yeah he is great, I do like Jericho! Can't believe you don't like Ziggles, He awesome! That's okay no worries.. same too you Miss x
  8. True Welll that is true but, tbh I don't think they really need anybody, they have a few up and coming players they should give a shot too i think I know!! Well he can, it is just being prevented until summerslam... Not gonna lie, she did LOL (Pretty Bitch) LOL I know he has, love him tbh Don't like Dolph though Ps messaging played up again..Sorry Also I hope everything goes okay today x
  9. A Chelsea fan wouldn't Some of there signings look very good players, speaking of signings I'm shocked Man City have not got anyone yet.. they have tried but seem too be losing out too other teams at the moment, Yeah deffo would of been better then ending with the Big Show.. I don't mind him as a heel but it's still Meh! hate how there doing this thing where there wondering if Cena can AA him even though he's already done it like 10 times LOL! Yeah I did.. she looked very nice! Yeah same, was awesome.. He's always been funny Jericho and I'm enjoying this feud with the Showoff! x
  10. Who wouldn't? Well i'm not sure yet, need too see the team and all.. Noooooo i meant this year Ah well we all make mistakes LOL Yeah that would have been good, farm boy and the the greased up creep got on my nerves -.- Yeah i read that this morning, it would have been better than ending with the big show.. Oh thought you might like that LOL I loved that, was old style Jericho at his best All in all wasn't too bad x
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