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  1. Haha! thanks mum! Yeah a few people told me the same before I went too watch it.. it was okay though Yeah exactly! and neither do you! x
  2. I will try, thank-you Don't need to say thank-you Good boy LOL Jokes Yeah i have heard that from a few people that have seen it... Well every cloud as they say Again don't need to say thanks x
  3. Oh know Sounds horrible.. well hope you feel better soon miss, I will Ash thank you I'm not drinking tonight anyways so will be fine! Yeah the film was a let down.. I wen't too watch Ted, it was funny in parts but nothing amazing but the rest of the day/night was wicked thanks for asking x
  4. Bad head, throat and tummy Thank-You Wish i was going out Watch that knee.. I did indeed Oh luck you Take it you had good time?? x
  5. Aw whats wrong? Hope you feel better soon, I was going too do the same but I'm out later Oh that's cool.. You have a good time? I wen't too cinema yesterday and then got some food and had a few drinks with my mates yesterday! x
  6. That's good Not too well today Be okay though, just having a lazy day Friends were up last night You?? x
  7. Haha! I'm good.. hope you are well? You been up to much?. x
  8. Yeah, Yeah So you say So hows you anyway x
  9. I agree! it's so true.. Not me though. x
  10. Well duh Men can be even worse most of the time Believe me I know LOL x
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