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  1. Community Shield Final x
  2. War? Why's that? Haha
  3. I agree Yep It's war in my house this weekend x
  4. Yeah there really are so many nice people That's cool then.. x
  5. Yeah, there are lots of nice people Yeah, when i am on i will read whatever interests me and i will post a comment, if i feel i can offer a valid point x
  6. It's really nice too see though Have you been posting much? x
  7. Yes i have You did, you were right x
  8. Yeah Haha So I see you have made some new friends on here.. I said you would, it's nice too see also x
  9. Good That;s true Awk well i am glad i did then x
  10. I will honest I have too.. got too rest up so I'm ready too party on holiday Haha Honestly.. the fact you asked made me smile off course not x
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