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  1. Now I feel ill
  2. You.. by the sounds of it.

  3. Who chooses a rat over a real man!
  4. He's the man!

    I would.. I mean, he's no Ronaldo, but he's a good second choice.
  5. Oh his jawline
  6. How about.. No!

    Okay.. It's cleared.
  7. Inbox...clear it now
  8. It is okay, we will catch up another day

  9. Missy, I got your PM but I can't reply.. EWN is so screwed up for me at the moment lol.

    BTW.. Well done! You done it and you so deserve it.

  10. Aye not the best :/

    Check the VIP thread, Asher and I got up to some mischief
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