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  1. Slight suspicion it would of been a hostage situation lol
  2. That episode would have been very, very different had you been on there, I'm sure lol.
  3. Hell yeah I am Wish I was in that ep lol

    Yeah was awesome
  4. Haha Trust you Naughty.

    I've watched that episode of Ride Along by the way, cracked me up lol.

  5. Me...want's too
  6. Haha! 'Tis true, thanks Ash, appreciate it x

  7. Happy Bday...a little late but, you wuvs me too much to shout :P x
  8. Aren't I just
  9. Awww, cutie! Haha!

  10. Flashback to when I said you're the Reigns to my Ambrose
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