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  1. Will send my promos today bro... I was out all weekend, usually weekend is family time bro. I'll send them over for sure today.
  2. Cleared bro
  3. Hey bud... clear up your inbox... I'm trying to send you some promos.
  4. Just sent you what Jelly sent me.... didn't know he was supposed to send it to me.
  5. Do you have the Ryback promo man?.
  6. Yes... I sent G the promos he needed first thing when I go in this morning.
  7. Oh really? no worries man.. where you at with the promo? are you able too do it?
  8. Sorry bud, I had an emergency at work that needed my attention. I've been out the last 3 days man.
  9. Send the promo dude.. holding up the show!
  10. Awesome man! It's good having you back mate.
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