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  1. It seemed that way. Horrible though.. No direction at all.

    I guess so, yeah. I've not seen that yet.. Just got done watching the Heyman one the other day, that was good.
  2. Revolution is failed copy of the Whyatt family, at least Dixie is no longer around

    Yeah Daniel Bryan being a fan fits to his character i guess. True Giants was a good documentary as well
  3. Yeah the storylines are the problem and the heel stables too. The beat down clan? Really? Ha! Then the Revolution one, I have no idea what the hell that's even about and I quite like James Storm and Abyss too.

    I like the countdowns, there fun. Yeah, I have seen a couple break away from character mind, Daniel Bryan tends too speak like a fan would for most of the things he's on.

    Ah really? Nah I had no idea man. Yeah from what I've seen, I've enjoyed.
  4. Matches are good sometimes way above average, the storylines are the problem they keep bringing heel stables

    Countdowns are pretty good, i love the that the interviewed wrestlers stay in character

    A very famous director, sin city, machette, planet terror and many more. I try to catch up as much as i can, they had a great first season
  5. I have TNA on record but I very rarely watch there shows. I've just never been able to enjoy them too much.

    Obviously it's great still being able to see people like Angle and the Hardys, as well as new guys like Bram but meh.. I'm just not a TNA fan.

    Yeah that show is awesome. They were the first things I watched That.. then Legends House which is funny and then Total Divas! Nattie in bra and panties, it was so worth it

    Nah I didn't man. Who is he? Do you watch Lucha, bro?
  6. Yeah i am WWE regular. I still watch TNA mostly because of Angle.

    I have the network too, from a live stream

    I love the monday nights war show

    Do you know that Robert Rodriguez is an executive producer for lucha?
  7. Yeah mate. I'm still a massive fan. Got the WWE Network too.

    I'm also now getting into Lucha Underground. It's the first wrestling show outside of WWE that I've really liked.

    How about you bro?
  8. Do you still watch wrestling?
  9. Ha! I knew it man. Can't blame you though bro.
  10. Shut up you fool

    Yeah still doing that lol

    Free stuff are always better
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