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  1. Ha! Good times.

    That's fair enough mate.

    Life is good, can't complain really bro. United are doing better so I'm happy!

    Yeah forum is dead. Has been for a while but it is.. what it is now man. I'm still around and a couple of others are.
  2. Shit, you guys never forget

    Been good. Disappearing was the only way to cut off from the side.

    How's life?

    Forum looks kinda dead
  3. Awww You missed me, didn't you?

    How you been bro, good to hear from you! How many teams are you supporting now? Ha!
  4. Got bored, visited old site, felt the need to say hi

    Sort of


  6. Same here amigo.

    Seriously really tough weeks bro!
  8. Good to hear man.

    How you been anyways bro?.
  9. Absolutely its something that i always wanted to do with you
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