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  1. Ramon and Angelo should have been a tag team
  2. Well.. Both was pretty awesome #Clique
  3. Clique in the forum or the efeds, we were just better than the others

  4. I know Ha!

    Man, remember those days, the whole #Clique thing? Ah.. Good fun!
  5. He used to be everywhere in every thread, he was the new b-mac
  6. Haha! He pops in and post's now and then. A lot of the people Dennis spoke with at the time, left.. he then went with them and never returned when a couple of them did.

    Nice guy though Dennis
  7. I can't believe Dennis is not around anymore back in the day he was like herpes in the forum
  8. See ya later Carlos
  9. Haha!

    Yo' I'm off amigo, I'm going to watch Raw. Speak with you soon.

  10. Damn you Portuguese people
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