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  1. Hey bro i should be expecting one more promo part from you and then add mine right?
  2. Okay, Snitsky.

    It's both our faults.

    Yeah I got it man, show went without us though.
  3. Just saying man

    Its not my fault!!!

    You got my part?
  4. Oh don't worry man, I'm taking the blame too.
  5. Also man you sent me your part yesterday
  6. I don't know what the hell is going on with me lately man i was sick again(honestly). Fever and stuff i can do one part today. I'm sorry bro really sorry. I didn't even worked on my GP shows. Haven't use my pc for two days.
  7. BRO! Where you at?

    Any update on that promo? I have been waiting man but ain't seen you online. I think we are going to be left off this week show at this rate.
  8. You get the promo mate?.
  9. Sorry I missed you mate. I will make a start and send it too you okay.
  10. I have no prob mate. What do you want?
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