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  1. Ronaldo struck some nice ones though.. it was just Ozil's day, that first goal was sick also.

    Cool man! Falcao is quality, such an honor to have had him at Porto.
  2. Oh yeah i'm keep saying to my friends that currently Ozil should be the one taking free kicks

    Barca beat Betis 1-2 Messi scored two goals and broke the record and Falcao beat La Coruna 6-0
  3. Yeah he's done well this season, good energy.

    He's quality, I missed the Spanish games today.. what were the results and scorers?

    Did you see Madrid yesterday? That Ozil free kick
  4. I agree man i liked Cleverly too.

    In other news Falcao is looking to break Messi's record for most goal's in one year.I'll give him two months

    Nah seriously he scored five goals today
  5. Yeah Rooney was on another level I felt we defended well today which seems silly after we were 2-0 up, but I felt it was the best game Rio and Evra have had in ages.
  6. And Rooney today was fucking awesome it was a great match man i'm glad that went like that
  7. LOL! he was quality, that chest pass to Young was sick.
  8. I'm totally going gay for RVP
  9. I was buzzing man!
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