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  1. Never

    Runs like a scared Vickie Guerrero
  2. Haha!

    I hope you are going to clean that mess though?.
  3. Arrive

    Smashes a few plates

  4. Yeah he was awesome, legend for sure!
  5. Giggs was class.Damn that guy is a Legend.Can't believe he is that good in that age.
  6. plus if Chelsea needed to play there first choice back three and bring on all the big guns then that says it all.. plus it still took two penalties to get it done, I was surprised we played as well as we did.
  7. From the line ups i understood that Fergie had no intentions to win the cup
  8. I'm not worried man, we won the more important game.
  9. Our reserves lost

  10. I say Steve's productions
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