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  1. Let Ryder do it.. he's the most female out of us lot.

  2. I'm not cleaning this
  3. He's only 27? really fought he was older.

    I'm not a fan man, I don't see him as a player that can make any major difference.. just my opinion bro.
  4. 27 bro he is having a great season with Celtic and he is one of the reasons why the are doing so well in CL
  5. Doubt they could afford him.. they could do with someone like him though.

    Samaras? really? How old's he now? Never been a fan of his personally.
  6. He is quality no doubt.I heard that Liverpool is interested and they want Samaras too
  7. That's what the Portuguese media are saying.. I'm not sure, I hope he stays and we don't sell him.
    He's been awesome for us so far but with all the interest in him it wouldn't surprise me if he was sold.. I would expect at least 20mil euro's though.

    He's been linked with Chelsea, Inter Milan and PSG recently and because people are thinking he's the next Falcao so they would rather by now, then pay for him in a couple years time when he could be worth double.
  8. Great times man

    I heard that Martinez probably won't stay after January
  9. Nice man! better the atmosphere was awesome
  10. Yeah he is definitely one of the top ten football players on the planet

    I was watching Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos tonight with my cousins and uncles all Pao fans.The game ended 2-2 Olympiakos scored two goals with only two goal attempts.We were better Olympiakos came to play like he is Barca or something.And we were down one goal 1-2 and when we scored the second goal we almost destroy the fucking houseIt was fucking crazy
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