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  1. Yeah man nothing worse then that bro!
  2. I agree man that's how i feel with Panathinaikos.Now the team is in a really bad economic situation all the fans turned their backs on the team
  3. Nah I'm normally never serious, the banter is always good but yeah.. United fans dissing United.. don't go down well with me because that's the team I love and people think most United fans are glory supporters if you don't live in Manchester, that's why I get defensive because I actually love the club unlike most of the idiots that "support" them
  4. Haha now i know better.Dammit you are all so serious
  5. Yeah I do get defensive Haha! Nothing worse though when United "fans" take the piss out of there own team.. that pisses me off so much. That's why I was pissed, normally I'm good with banter.
  6. Yeah i noticed that when i tried to mess a little bit with you and i said something about UTD losing from Tottenham.You got pissed off
  7. Oh I know that Haha! Me and Steve have both had our moments.
  8. No i don't really take his posts seriously i only took that time because he didn't know what to say and started posting shit.Its really easy to pissed him off you just say that Liverpool sucks or a Liverpool player sucks
  9. I think he's thinking the same thing about you.. I find it pretty funny both way, but as long as it don't get to serious it's fine
  10. I just love making Steve mad
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