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  1. Like fuck Haha! getting Blackpool out of the championship is a challenge amigo
  2. Haha Blackpool.I'll probably start one with Panathinaikos.Now that's a REAL challenge
  3. Yeah me and my mate started one yesterday, I went Blackpool and he went Cardiff, both struggling though but it's still early.
  4. I know, i can't wait to play the game.What about you?Started a new game?
  5. LOL! Unlucky man.
  6. I still can't play the game.No one uploaded the code crack
  7. Well done cheapskate
  8. I just downloaded FM13
  9. That's how it should be man.
  10. I know but i stopped caring about them.I still support my team and i always will even if i will be the last fan of the team
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