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  1. Later's man! Enjoy.

  2. That's why we are the best


    Laters gonna watch The talented Mr Ripley
  3. I know, totally forgot though.

    Yeah I normally do the same man.
  4. How you can forgot Fierro?And the end of the year search for some re-gen Brazilians, i always do that
  5. Still first season man, no real good regen's out there.. forgot about Fierro actually I got Kozak from Lazio who has good championship stats and I loaned Formica from Blackburn for the season.
  6. Its not that hard if you find some good re-gen players

    Also buy Fierro
  7. Thanks man! Haha.
  8. True,true,i have faith in you
  9. LOL! Championship is a solid league though
  10. Dude even winning a match with Panathinaikos is a challenge
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