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  1. *Maggs then looks again and notices he's Portuguese not Greek.. so it's not true and he's actually a stallion!*

  2. "Of the iron protective cover that covers his two inches dick"
  3. *Magg's hurts his hand because of the size and power*

  4. "Punches THBK in the dick'
  5. Just watch man.. just watch!
  6. Almost all the players playing for money
  7. Which is why he will lose the quality he has..
  8. Godfather is class

    Money always comes first
  9. Haha! the godfather

    Well it looks like a poor choice from where I'm standing mate.
  10. Haha class. I just wanted to say that he joined Galata to do good business

    "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."
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