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  1. Haha that was a smart thing to say.I always liked Ruud and i don't understand the bad criticism he was getting
  2. Yeah that should be good man Read a comment from Ruud Van Nistelrooy today, saying how proud he was to play for both teams and he can't pick which team he would like to win Haha.

  3. And also Mourinho vs Fergie pre match interviews will be special
  4. I remember, it was a quality game though.
  5. I guess we got lucky this year.The last time that UTD faced Real the other Ronaldo was in the center of attention
  6. Yeah the draw was crazy man.. seemed a little fixed to me though, it was same results as the practice draws right? that's crazy.
  7. Unbelievable draw man 3 "CL finals"
  8. He will mate.. I'm pretty sure he will get a hero's welcome.
  9. Ah real man i always support real in cl.I hope that CR7 to get a positive reaction


    Least we get the chance to see Ronaldo come home Who will you be supporting man?.
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