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  1. Cool man!
  2. Promo received and will go all the way to Des today
  3. Will do man, I was finishing off some stuff for Raw.

    You should have the promo ready in your inbox for when you come back on.
  4. Hey bro i'll be off now but if you get me your part today I'll definitely finish it tomorrow
  5. Cool mate
  6. Okay cool man. I will send you it back once I added my part mate.
  7. Yeah just do your damn part. Nah yeah bro i think it was a nice idea to do two parts each
  8. So.. I will wrap it up yeah?
  9. Yes bro i have a ton of things to do for the e-feds in the next three days. That would have been very helpful
  10. Yeah man if you want to do it that way? If not.. I will wrap it up? Up to you man.
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