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  1. Ha, i see.

    What's his name?

  2. You wish mate!

    How about me? Nah, I don't love her bro, never seen her to be honest.

    Nah jokes aside, pleased for you bro! I'm not in a relationship, kinda' seeing someone but it's not serious really.
  3. How about you?
  4. Well not you obviously

    She is a great girl and i really love her

    Who's the lucky guy, bro?

  6. It's annoying man, was pissing me off yesterday so much.
  7. I can't post shit
  8. Yeah good speaking with you too man, speak soon!
  9. Yeah i want to watch that one. The Ultimate Warrior's tribute was great, i always liked warrior. During his days he was the biggest babyface in wrestling. Bigger than Hogan.

    Well i am off to bed bro, nice to catch up with you. I'll probably be online tomorrow same time
  10. It seemed that way. Horrible though.. No direction at all.

    I guess so, yeah. I've not seen that yet.. Just got done watching the Heyman one the other day, that was good.
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