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  1. I know.. I just assumed you were playing Mary in the Christmas plays while writing them
  2. Lol i wrote plays instead of plates
  3. LOL

    Yeah was awesome man thanks for asking.
  4. TKBH or THBK i forgot that

    Nah man, you are back!

    Viva Ronaldo viva Man utd

    Christmas are always good i broke some plays danced the Zorba song and stuff,how about you?
  5. Haha! Missed you man.

    Hope you had a good Christmas mate?.
  6. Utd won again still not here

    Oh well, i'm gonna leave you some Ronaldo here then

  7. I forgot to tell you.Merry Christmas bud
  8. Awesome player, one of the best finishers I have ever seen He actually fell out with Ronaldo which is one reason why he was sold.
  9. Haha that was a smart thing to say.I always liked Ruud and i don't understand the bad criticism he was getting
  10. Yeah that should be good man Read a comment from Ruud Van Nistelrooy today, saying how proud he was to play for both teams and he can't pick which team he would like to win Haha.

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