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  1. Yeah its a good one. It tell his whole story from childhood when he was diagnosed with a heart condition till today who became the worlds best footballer
  2. Good is it mate? Will do!
  3. Check out this documentary when you have a chance, Cristiano Ronaldo World at His Feet
  4. Or a new sguad

    There is also Blanc and they will at least try to bring Pepe G
  5. Yeah he's done well but not sure about him for Madrid. Milan need more then a good manager, they need a miracle.
  6. Probably i also can see them also being interested on Emery who does a great job in Sevilla, he is also linked with Milan
  7. Yeah think so too, sadly.

    Zidane next?
  8. I thin Ancelottii had his last CL game as real manager
  9. Haha! Yeah

    What did you think of Madrid man?
  10. Its better to talk here.

    Yeah that's what i thought. Good thing its not Carlos it does sound like a cartel boss name
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