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  1. I disagree. IWA is.
  2. Busy smizzy. Nothing's more important than that.
  3. I'm busy Giddy!
  4. Hey, if you could do that eWN Presents thing with Broc some more that'd be great...

    I'm bored.

  5. He was such a prick! I would have uppercutted him straight away!
  6. I hate cheaters man. You can't just be in a relationship and FUCK around with it man. I got a lot of FUCKING anger man. But don't worry. You can still be my chocolate kiss.

  7. I just had to PM Van something, now I'm all set, and going to return to my go away forever time
  8. Fair enough hahaha.

    So you around to stick, or just another flyby visit?
  9. Because Van is a dick.
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