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  1. Merry Xmas, hope you're enjoying the holidays.
  2. Lol I could've but I figured this was easier and you are more active through this account then the N.V. one lol
  3. Thanks man.

    N V Benny was my old account so you said Happy Birthday to me
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. You are lucky indeed lol
  6. I have never lost a job due to smoking, I guess I'm lucky. But I have the perfect job for being a pot head. I'm a chef, since I always have the munchies, I have learned to cook really great. Also I do love my job and what I do, so I never miss work or fuck around and come to work high. I leave the partying to my off hours.
  7. Hahaha I know the feeling, I lost a girlfriend back '07 and lost 2 jobs '08 as well because of how much I smoked and forgot to do the stuff I was suppoused to do back in those days lol
  8. Sorry I have been meaning to send you one for a while now, but I smoke alot of weed and tend to procrastinate and forget shit all the time. lol
  9. Took you long enough to send me a request lol just kidding, I am very happy to have you as a friend.
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