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  1. Got ya PM, bro. Will do what you said about the promos, and Sleeps... Show is gonna be on Saturday as I'm still waiting for a load of stuff from a load of peeps lol.
  2. On its way, bro.. Soon as I get home from Work lol
  3. Hey Kash, I need those things I asked you for the other day if you want me to do that thing you asked me to do.
  4. Cleared!!!!!
  5. Clear your inbox!!!!!
  6. Yeah, but its now an empty fool!
  7. Your inbox is a FOOL!!!
  8. I'll reply to your PM shortly--I', not ignoring ya', honest
  9. Dude, you made your feelings perfectly clear. I wasn't about to reply to a message that told me the sender had lost all respect for me.

    If you want to see me as, well, however it is you see me then that's your prerogative, but please believe me when I say that I'm upset by this. You've made your stance, and I shall respect it, regardless of whether I agree with it.
  10. Sorry bro, I don't consider people that ignore me when I state a problem as a friend. But thanx for finally taking Sleeper off the show.
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