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  1. happy xmas eve!
  2. Haha love this one
  3. started a new thread, thought I'd give you most of the credit for the idea... hahah
  4. he gave me a gay pride 3mb sig a while back which made me laugh... no one made gay jokes though... people are well mannered here! hhaha
  5. Ah yes he gave me one with Undertaker running away with Sara's bra.. I didn't realize my sig had changed for a while.
  6. haha yes! robstar gave it to me a while back! you should visit his thread in tea spot he comes up with some funny ones. a while back I had alison brie's boobs as my sig... haha
  7. I must say you have possibly the funniest sig I've ever seen.
  8. hey you should check out my new thread eWN's Music Discussion Thread.
  9. Hey Thanks man I'm cutting back on my thread making haha but when I get a decent one I'll post it.
  10. I applaud your abilities to make quality thread after thread.
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