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  1. you could catch me... it took me 3 months to get 1000 posts... and the rest has been in 4 months.
  2. That's funny you guys are both impossible for me to catch and you both made an account after me haha
  3. true. b-mac is going to be impossible for me to catch though, he actually has a higher average than me... which is silly... and impressive. he took like a 3 month leave as well.. it's insane.
  4. Your a black ninja though haha I''m still god. h
  5. I'm never going to be able to post enough to get into the top 10 haha...
  6. Thanks dude trying to reach number 5 eventually.
  7. You sir deserve an award for how many thread ideas you get... you're on your way to being the top thread starter (excluding Frank) hahah
  8. you should check out the dennis' diner thread.
  9. I'm counting it.
  10. You to well its christmas in like a few hours so.

    Happy Early Christmas!
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