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  1. Haha. It's okay man. Again awesome having you aboard.
  2. As funny as it sounds, I'm kinda scared to read it... but I'm looking forward to joining SRW!
  3. Yeah it wasn't meant to close. Just read the last two or three. pages of the show thread and you'll be all caught up,
  4. The pleasure is all mine... kinda sad, I had no idea ICW was closing down...
  5. Cool man. Glad you'll be joining.
  6. Bro, count me in! I'm reading through to familiarize myself with the other guys, and about to post Sag and Pisces' info as we speak.
  7. Yes. Here it is:**

    I hope you join. I'm part of creative, so I can work out your debut.
  8. SRW? Hmmm... sounds interesting, I will take a look. Do they have a roster thread?
  9. Hey man, are you going to join SRW?
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