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  1. Lol thanks! Same here... but then again you've likely been doing this longer than I have, so that makes sense. I took a liking to both your guys - Ryder as a fellow face (and maybe an ally in the future?) and Edwards as a badass heel (and hopefully an awesome rival!) You play them quite well, at least IMO.
  2. Haha. I see potential in you.
  3. Cool. No worries if it doesn't happen - just an idea... but would be a great one. And no problem! I just really enjoy this stuff.
  4. Thanks. I will see if we can get that feud later on. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Hey bro, I know it's late, but just wanted to say I loved your delivery of your character Brock Edwards. I sense some good aggro chemistry between he and Sagittarius. I think the two would put on a pretty damn good match, with their MMA backgrounds and intensity. Hell, it may even make for a good feud down the line!
  6. Works for me!
  7. She can be a manager for the moment.
  8. No rush here my friend. Got both of my people on the roster page - Pisces will be waiting in the wings whenever she's needed.
  9. Well, we would definitely need more female wrestlers. When we get to that bridge I'll take it up with creative.
  10. Thanks, the pleasure's all mine! I got Sag's bio up, now I'm doing Pisces. I'm thinking of asking if, maybe sometime later in the future, we could have the two of them pair up and compete in mixed tag team bouts. I even came up with a name for them: The Star Signs. Still trying to figure out what tag team moves they would use though...
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