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  1. Hmmm... that is a very interesting concept...
  2. As long as I have a day to do the promo, I'm normally fine .

    I too love our characters working together. Maybe a heel turn for one maybe necessary .
  3. Actually it wasn't as fast as I wanted to get back to you... still catching up after the last episode of TWE came out late, want to get everything straight so I can get it out on time this weekend. Thanks for working with me - I love the dynamic that our characters seem to have together!
  4. Cheers dude for getting the promo back to me quite quickly .
  5. Totally understood guy - I just wanted to check with you. I'll probably be at work by then, but when I get back I'll do my part and send it on.
  6. Sorry dude, but I've been busy with Nitro. It'll be with you within the next 2 hours.
  7. Sorry to hassle you bro, but I still haven't gotten your part of our IWA promo...
  8. Expect the first promo part today.
  9. Nah, he wasn't specific. I wasn't sure if you got the same PM that I did, but if so then I didn't see where it was specified - just that he needed a promo from us...
  10. Has BTB told you if it's a joint promo?
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