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  1. Yo man, that was epic! Gotta call it a night... if we can, I'd love to do this more with you! Who knows - we may even get a push for a feud!
  2. There's your cue bro!
  3. well heck im actually more interested to see what you could do with it with blue and pinks reaction,creatively wise,so take it away
  4. Go for it bro! FYI: I'm always down with an IC fight. I hate that more people don't like doing it because they don't want their character "hurt"... but this fits in with Sag's personality: despite being the smallest guy, he loves to fight... even if it doesn't go his way lol
  5. Alright,if you want go ahead with it,I was thinking right when Blue is laughing at Pink talking to vickie...There it goes and things break out! That nasty Cyborg hittin of nowheres!
  6. Fuck it, LET'S DO IT!!!
  7. lets get in an ic "Fight" ? Doom knocks blue out of course lol
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