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  1. Never can keep any space in the damn thing... but just made some now lol
  2. Now yours is full
  3. For sure taken care of,try again sorry about that one...I can't never seem to keep it empty enough lately.
  4. Mailbox is full, bro...
  5. My bad man - taken care of!
  6. Your shit's full brotha.
  7. Damnable inbox... hang on a sec...
  8. All full brotha.
  9. I told him to put that altercation on Unscripted as some kind of recap,actually,So we'll see I guess.
  10. yea boys tired as hell too,yea maybe cuz i gotta say ii loved Pisces pinks reaction "get some help but no fuck the feds get someone though!" and what a jerk he hit em right while he was laughing lol.
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