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  1. Did you get it?
  2. Sent u a msg on fb
  3. I haven't heard from Vivica (I'm guessing that's Asher) yet. I remember you told me that Vivica starts the promo and Pisces goes next... has anything changed?
  4. Hey how goes the group bombshell promo?
  5. Sounds good. Shoot me a pm with everything you are thinking
  6. Even so, I feel a little guilty about it... By the way, I'm almost done with the matches for the PPV, just making sure I do my best. Soon, I'll be hitting the IWA roster. When you get a chance, I'd love to tell you a little more about my idea from earlier!
  7. Scribs...shut up you werent being rude bro. I saw your message just before shot got up, otherwise i would have replied no worries bro haha
  8. My apologies chief - I wasn't aware you were taking care of your baby girl! Please forgive my rudeness...
  9. Ya sorry bro. My kid who is 1, has two bottom teeth, and im 90% sure she got the cold i had and is teething so ive been tending to her. Just laid her down. I like the idea
  10. Hey bro did you get my last PM?
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