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  1. Yo man, can I get an update on the Rev promo?

    And also, what's going on with your MMA stuff man?!
  2. Done yo
  3. Yo let me know when you've cleared your inbox.
  4. Yo man, when do you think you can get that first part in? I ain't rushing ya, just asking for an update 'cause I'm free all day today & tomorrow so I've got bare loads of time on me.
  5. Actually, can you start that promo mate? I'm literally blank on what to write bruv.

    EDIT: It an in-ring promo too.
  6. Just saw your PM- that's cool man!
  7. Good job on that promo mate.
  8. Hey guy - sorry I was late getting back to you. I got your promo - and it's some nice work by the way. We may be able to squeeze this in somewhere...
  9. Yo, mate. Congratulations by the way! I done a promo for TWE, which wasn't originally planned for the show as I actually asked Krysys. Do you want me to send it to you?
  10. Destruction.
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