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  1. Scribbs,

    What's the plan with the promo mate? PM me back.
  2. Thanks! Just read it - and writing my next one
  3. Hey man. Just wanted to say, good job with the promo's and hope you like the show.
  4. That's good to hear man. Well... it will be a pleasure having you here in the future.
  5. I did manage to get some read time on it - very nice! Kinda mad with myself for not checking it out sooner... I love how there are so many recognizable wrestlers in it - not just current WWE guys and girls...
  6. He bro, noticed you were online.. our latest show Raw was posted yesterday. If you have some time.. check it out man, will give you some idea's on how we do things and where we are with current storylines and stuff.
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