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  1. BITCHIN'. I know I sound like a mark but I CAN. NOT. FUCKING. WAIT. Look forward to seeing Alpha tear the damn roof off yet again!
  2. Why thank you Scribs and don't worry, he's coming to JBW with crazy ass personality included.
  3. Awesome! Gotta say, I'm sad that I didn't get to see more of The Alpha Dog before seeing him in BITW - that man is dynamite!
  4. Of course! The Alpha Dog is coming back. I just finished his promo for Warfare and I gotta be honest, I'm pretty proud of it. I think I'm just stick to one character per fed right now though. So I don't get burned out again. I noticed that Sagittarius and Pieces are coming. Thats awesome and also looking forward to the new creations you bring along.
  5. You're not the only one. Will you have characters in JBW! I plan on unleashing a few new creations here...
  6. I hear ya bro. It's good to have friends. So looking forward to seeing JBW back on its feet.
  7. If anything, I felt bad that I hadn't done it sooner, my friend! I try to keep up with as many of my friends in EWN that I can. That includes you!
  8. Thanks for the request bro!
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