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  1. PM me when you get a chance. I got good news.
  2. Sure thing, I'm always here to help.
  3. Thanks man. Actually, I can use this to my advantage with not knowing much about Seth (and the Krysys reference was back to when I first started.) After all, Sag is new to JBW - so of course, he won't know everybody that well. Hmmm.... tell you what: give me five minutes, and check your inbox.
  4. Never be afraid to ask me for help, because even if I can't do it, I can contact Krysys to help you even if he's not in eWN anymore. We're family and we help each other as best we can always. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  5. My bad - I'm always used to trying to find what I needed by myself. I used to ask Krysys stuff like that, and, well... that's why I'm used to it.
  6. You could ask me for that on future instances.
  7. I'm working on my promo, just wanted to find a bio for Seth 13. I don't know that much about him - just that he has a thing for pain...
  8. Nah, no allergies... Just REALLY hate getting stung.
  9. Dang, that's sucky. Luckily you ain't allergic or nothing right?
  10. Bees... me no like. I've had a lot of bad history with wasps and bees and their ilk... but paper wasps have my greatest hate. One stung me in my left cheek when I was younger - and I don't mean mouth cheek. It sucked. Hellaciously.
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