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  1. Sorry - I had a long week working several double shifts. Just sent my part along - hope I'm not too late with it...
  2. Hey how's our promo coming along?
  3. Outstanding. A far cry from the culture we are used to. Plus I love how colorful and unique everything seems to be there.
  4. You'd be surprised how helpful the people are here, even when they don't understand a word you're saying they still do their best to help you.
  5. Oh believe me I know lol... I remember in high school I studied a bit of their culture. Very enlightening. What really inspires me about their culture is their emphasis on honor and work ethic.
  6. Lol yea, but don't make manga and anime your main reason to come. Japanese culture has so much to offer those willing to try new things.
  7. It's definitely on my to do list. After all, they are the people who brought us manga and anime
  8. You should go some time. I've wanted to for years as well and finally decided to do it.
  9. You lucky woman. I've been wanting to visit the Land of the Rising Sun for so freaking long... I've heard those same things about them and their society. Makes me jealous lol
  10. It's awesome here, the food's great, the people are extremely nice and it's very safe. I wish I didn't have to leave.
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