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  1. Hey bro - missed the hell out of you! It's good to be back... my work and personal issues had me away for a while, but they are now sorted... and I... am... BACK!!!
  2. Scribbsssssssssssss!!!!!!
  3. Oh you.
  4. K2J, you're an F'n gem.
  5. You're welcome. No wait. I'm sorry. Let me try that again.

  6. Yo man - love the blog interview segment! Thank you so much for letting me be part of it!
  7. Just PM back the answers in case I wasn't clear.
  8. Groovy! If it makes things easier, we can just do it with Sagittarius, but if you want Pisces to be there, she will be there
  9. You will be the first person I interview so I'll be setting up some questions and contacting you for the answers. PP is also welcome if you wish.
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