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  1. Please do! And I know you won't, but don't hold back!
  2. That was cool. I'm not sure if Kash is doing house shows or whatnot? I'll let you know when I come up with ideas
  3. Oh ok! I got you now! I thought you meant something else... after all, people are still wondering who the other member of creative is. But that's neither here nor there... so, where do you wanna start? I think the incident at the afterparty was a great starting point.
  4. No I meant WE, meaning you and me, should work together in that direction since thats Robstars first feud
  5. Of course! Don't worry about the skinned knees - Pisces is a big girl. Some people may be skittish about those kind of IC interactions - but not me. Kinda have to test the waters with them. And I'd love to do that - hold on... "we" have to "start with Sleepers matches and promos first?" Hmmm....
  6. I hadn't even thought the skinned knees were going to be an issue but I better watch that with some people eh? Ah fuck it, too bad for them! lol Yeah we could have it where our interaction spills over into other peoples matches, since I'm new, I'll look to you for guidance. We definitely have to start with Sleepers matches and promos first!
  7. Thanks - I did! I try not to be one of those people who gets whiny when their character gets roughed up by someone else - I actually love those moments! And personally I think it would be cool to have sort of an indirect feud between Vickie/Robstar and Pisces/Sagittarius. Not necessarily anything physical, more like a lot of verbal/media sparring, maybe even screwing somebody out of a match here and there.
  8. Haha, nice exchange Scribs! I thought you might like that getaway
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