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  1. New Generation is mr. onemanband.

    I think the other team is Airbourne.

    Also sent buddy.
  2. Question - who's in the teams Violent Impact and New Generation?
  3. If you could please, that would be stellar!
  4. Do you want me to forward your part of the promo to eddie?

    I look forward to seeing where it goes too!
  5. Indeed! I look forward to where it goes!
  6. Good to hear man! I have written my part now and sent it to Krysys.

    I really like this feud... great clash!
  7. Either way man, thank you very much for noticing! With MMA and work lately, I've needed that extra "Hey you - pay attention!" so no worries!
  8. haha it's all good man!

    I didn't want to be pushy about it earlier haha so I didn't ask until yesterday. I should have just asked sooner haha.
  9. OMG... My apologies bro! I have the promo, thought I sent it Tues. Sending it now!
  10. No I mean the tag team promo bro! You were suppose to start that promo and Krysys and I are waiting on ya haha.

    I'm on Chaos's creative team.
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