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  1. When you get your promo done, could you get it to G.G.G, as I may be asleep
  2. Awesome then dude. Cheers
  3. Oh crap, I do have the promo assignment! Tell THBK I have it, and yes, I will do it tonight!
  4. You able to do that assignment tonight bro?
  5. I can't read your blog mate, until R(ob) or Frank approved it
  6. 40 mins bro - I gave you an extra 2 hours
  7. You're deadline is 6pm UK Time tomorrow (which I believe is 1pm in Boston) for Zack Silver's promo in a repeat match from last week on Carnage. If it's not to me by then the show will be posted without it
  8. Could you get Silver's promo to me soon please
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