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  1. I did not, I had no idea that I had a promo assignment, sorry man.
  2. Bro did you get that assignment from me?
  3. Sent me a blank message again bro!
  4. Dude! the last message you sent was blank!
  5. Yeah sure if you need it! Ok, I'll clear the space.
  6. Right.. well thats fair! Well i would like the chance to think about it and talk with Zilvis and Destruction!
    I do think it could be a good idea tho!

    It's quite late here in the Uk so can i have untill tomorrow to think about it?.

    (You were out of storage space!)
  7. It's done man! thanking about what you said.. send me a PM on what zilivis and Destruction said!
  8. Clear your inbox when you get a chance, we need to talk! lol I talked to Destruction and Zilvis already.
  9. Hey your inbox is full, but I wanted to send this to you but I'll post on here instead and you can PM me/visitor message me about it if you want.

    Listen, I can speak for everyone on IWF and say that a merge would be great, it would give us more then enough members if everyone stayed on to start it up. I know a merge could be great. You can consider it if you want, I mean we can talk to all of the members of your WWE fantasy eFed and see if they would stay on and all that, and we were looking to have another member on creative, and if you wanted to stay on with us, that would be great I think. So let me know what you think. I understand either way. Thanks!
  10. Sent you a Pm dude, can you check it out when you get a chance!
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