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  1. Good question! What do you think? I'm trying to think of scenarios, I'll PM R(ob) and ask what he thinks as well.
  2. Awesome... how do you wanna do it?
  3. I'm definitely down if you are! I say, why not? Lol
  4. Stellar promo man! Do you want to keep it going?
  5. Odd - I sent my part along... let me see if I can find a copy and shoot it over to you.
  6. Hey, how's the Revolution promo coming along?
  7. Wait...Xavier Hightower is actually a wrestler? I didn't think anyone would have debuted him...let me see where he is in storyline wise and I'll see what I can do!
  8. Isn't Xavier Hightower your character in TWE?
  9. What do you mean "one of my guys"?
  10. Hey guy - care to do a promo for this week's TWE? We've got one of your guys scheduled - give me a holler when you get this!
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