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  1. Thanks bud! Let's steal the show with this feud man!
  2. btw- great JBW promo for Wells- it gave me good stuff to work off of
  3. if you haven't read the JBW show- you shall see when you debut- really soon
  4. Thats cool man
  5. I will have it for you either tomorrow sometime or first thing Wednesday morning. I promise it will get in on time. I've just had a busy week.
  6. AirBourne my friend, when you have a chance can you get me that EWA PAIN! Wells promo? I hope to post PAIN by Weds if I get all the promos in
  7. I sent my part of the Terror promo to you- just needs your part and what do you think of this for a theme song?
  8. um dude- you may want to read the Alpha Rev show- NEW TEAM COMBAT CHAMPIONS!!! TERROR!!
  9. I just went ahead and typed up a promo for Muir and Silver so Krysys could get it- hope ya cool with that
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