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  1. Happy 34th birthday long shot but I'm going for 34.
  2. Not enough games to judge Borini yet.

    Suarez is an immense player but I'm not convinced yet that he'll be a prolific goal scorer.
  3. He was never going to break out at Liverpool, so might aswell let the guy go to a team that'll suit his style.

    Borini hasn't done anything yet but it's still early days.

    I'm still thinking Suarez is going to be unstoppable soon though, guy's such a naturally talented footballer.
  4. I think he should have been given a chance, we lack goals and at least he would have given us different options and a way of changing our game if needed. If Rodgers doesn't want him though, it's pointless having him there but we are sorely lacking a 20+ a season goal scorer.
  5. What you thinking about Caroll to West Ham?
  6. Nooo, Why you leaving for awhile?
  7. ahh yes the cup we gave to birmingham last season, make sure you give it a good know how these charity cups rust up so quick...
  8. Ha! I'm off anyway! Want another look at the Carling Cup before I go to bed!
  9. here i thought me and you can have a good ol lads convo about who supports the better team but say no more wade,
  10. That's blasphemy to me! Nah, Liverpool!
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