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  1. Thank you youngling.
  2. Happy belated birthday, Grandad!
  3. True say! I've just had seconds and my tongue is burning like a bitch!! Still, tastes delicious though! And I'm full haha!!
  4. A spoon is just common sense.
  5. Damn right! Awkward though, munching on some Vindaloo and Rice yeah, while sitting on the sofa and playing the laptop. Eating with a spoon! I'm that laid back haha.
  6. I prefer the term 'laid back' than lazy.
  7. And plus, I'm a lazy fucker 'n all!
  8. That's true haha, I just find Laptop more easier!
  9. True but I can lounge around more with my phone.
  10. Fair enough haha! Laptop is much better and faster imo, haha.
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