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  1. Just when back on it bro and said the same! also whats going on with Giddy and that guy! and im not complaining
  2. Exactly. More Britani soon!
  3. Yeh thats true man! and Haha! good be very soon if the speculation is true!
  4. I know, I've asked SG to look at it and told him to close it, if there's a problem. Don't want to cause other users a problem.

    I'll create a new one, when she starts apperaing on tv!
  5. Yeh man thats what it said! First time i have seen anything like that on here! Really?. that would be a shame!
  6. That's happened before, it was sorted. Someone must have added pics from I'm getting others to check any pictures they've posted. May have to have it closed down.
  7. Dude just went too check on The Britani Thread and when i did.. my Comp detected some sort of virus in there, just thought i would tell you man!
  8. Cheers chief!
  9. Haha! good having you back man!
  10. Yeah, brush over that and we'll be sound!
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