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  1. #TrueWords
  2. Damn straight! It gives you something to look foward to, writing and reading!
  3. Yeh man exactly! Good mate, I have enjoyed doing it also! Was never a big writer, but really have enjoyed doing the promo's and being apart of HWA! Looking forward to Havoc and Redemption now!
  4. Same here, it's always good to keep yourself aware of what's happening on all shows!

    Cheers chiefy! Yeah, I'm really enjoying it to be honest! Always had a passion for creative writing!
  5. Always read through the shows anyways chief! Looking forward to reading your part man! Seems like you have settled pretty well aswell which is good to see
  6. Yeah chief, nice IC work!

    I'll be reading, Spencer is on the show too!
  7. Nice IC: stuff man.. Keep an eye out for my promo on Redemption! Gave you a shout out..
  8. Yup, still same Fed so you never know what could happen! Should be fun in the coming weeks and months!
  9. Thanks man.. aww shame, Im on legacy! still tho man, good having you around! hope you enjoy your time with HWA!
  10. Should be good, nice suspence at the end of VP too!

    Yeah liked your match, good win chief!

    I'm on Dynasty!
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