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  1. Thanks again chief! Maybe one day, down the line!

    Yeah, you'll really need to badger Steve but I think he could, now we're all there!

    Thanks, I was extremely happy with the debut! Class to see it in the show! I'm just really looking forward to the follow up!
  2. Haha! understood man! mine is different tho.. but yh one step at a time! really good having you in HWA tho man! i think he might eventually! me and van will work on him! also loved the debut you had! #BigImpact!
  3. Cheers chief! Looking forward to it! One Fed at a time chief, I like to put my all in to one firs, don't want to spread myself too thinly!
    Not sure if Steve will!
  4. Hey man i see you signed up with HWA good move bro! problem is.. now you have to sign up for my fed! Happy too have you with HWA man, all we need is steve to sign up and we have the Clique!
  5. Haha! Glad it's sorted for you man!
  6. I would have gone 'Postal'
  7. Haha i can imagine mate! would have sent you over the edge!
  8. It would have been a wounder to close it!
  9. trust Giddy! Thats good then.. Back too normal!
  10. Looks like Giddy has removed some pics and it's sorted! Phew!
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