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  1. Ha! No chance.

    Thanks mate!
  2. Happy Birthday chief. You catching me up age wise yet?
  3. Keyboard Warrior calling you out in the CM Punk thread.. Go school him chief.
  4. PM me bro with your ways of the Network in the UK It might be a way I have seen, but it seemed a fair bit of effort Ha!

    EDIT: I see it's a lot easier to access on the PS3, I'm guessing that's the route you have gone down with it.
  5. Ha! cool man, good to know.
  6. You've always supported, you don't switch allegiance at the first sign of doing poorly and you don't change your tune every 2 minutes so you are genuine.
  7. Honest opinion man.

    Where do I stand in the plastic/Real fan, stance? Be honest too, Hit me with it man Ha!
  8. It's just nice to see the real UTD fans filtered from the plastics. You've got a huge plastic following though.
  9. You must be loving it this season Ha!
  10. Cheers chief.
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