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  1. No Paige.. But here's some Ronaldo!

    You're Welcome!
  2. Ha! I thought so.. Cheers mate
  3. Totally worth it for the joke.
  4. We keep cross conversation each other.
  5. Yeah, I only noticed after sending the VM Ha! Still though, was worth it for the joke
  6. That's why I just messaged here too.
  7. Ah I see, that's true.

    Hope so mate!
  8. I know you replied.. but I can't see nothing man Ha! I'm like Stevie Wonder of the forums.
  9. I can see your post on the footy thread only through the activity section on my profile. It's because Robstar has come off global ignore so all his posts are coming back. Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon.
  10. Dammit!!

    No worries chief.
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