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  1. Oh trust me. There's not much difference between Heskey and Almeida. The difference is a moustache and that's about it Ha!

    I agree with that. Get's very little service though to be fair. At the time, Gerrard was about the only one who did anything going forward for England at the time.
  2. Oh shiiiit. It's not that bad for you, it's never that bad for anyone to wish Heskey upon your team.

    He is shit for England though, last tournament he was any cop was Euro '04.
  3. Ha! Quality.

    You guys are harsh on him though. He's more appreciated by other national teams then his own I wish he was Portuguese. Then again, compared to what we have upfront.. I wish Heskey was Portuguese.
  4. Yeah about 5,500 miles wide, back home.
  5. They will say he should of played wide Ha!
  6. Probably will.

    Can't wait to see what they come up with when Shrek still plays shit in his favourite position.
  7. Not yet.

    England can't have many excuses left. There bound to blame her at some point
  8. Paige never caused Spud Head to get sent off for England.
  9. So when Ashley post's a picture of a Diva it's fine.. I post a picture of a Diva and I'm banned?

    Man. You changed Wade, you changed.

  10. You're banned!!

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