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  1. Glad I could help!
  2. Aye good idea. I have done a basic look around with that sort of stuff like looking up stadiums and stuff but I like your idea of going into more detail
  3. Not bad but also read up about them, check out their backgrounds, history etc you may find you have an affinity with one more so than the others?
  4. Okay. So I know you don't honestly care but do you think this is a good idea.
    I'm going to watch the 4 possible teams play a few games each and at the end of the season I'll choose who I enjoyed watching the most. Pretty logical right? :S
  5. No worries dude!
  6. thanks for the comment pal
  7. Nothing wrong with massaging the old grey matter!
  8. God damn you! Your new sig makes me think!
    Y U NO BEWBS?! lol
  9. There you go sir!
  10. Nice pal! They're 1 of the 4 teams I was thinking of supporting too
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