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  1. Missed you too chief.

    Oh I'll be back there now. It was a heck of a game, bit pissed with the throwing away of points but after the first game, I'll take the draw.

    Yeah Chelsea are looking tasty, especially Hazard. Even Fat Frank had a good start!
  2. Wade my ol' friend! I've missed you :'(
    Banter thread isn't the same without. Good game last weekend too (Just please stop United and Chelsea!)
  3. Don't you mean the American got Australia!
  4. Wade. You're a man with a good sense of humour. I'll share this with you
    Laura Trotter just got Gold. The Aussies got Silver lol
  5. D'oh! Clever!
  6. Hidden in a white background lol

  7. What was it supposed to be?
  8. ...I forgot you had your wall background as black... XD

    (Excluding USA, China, Maybe Australia and probably a european country)
  10. Also. Don't mean to brag but the Broncos beat CFord ;D
    (Come on man! Gimme this 1! We're barely going to win any others and you might win it this year! lol)
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