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  1. No worries, it was my fault. When I thought I was off here I removed everything. Cheers for re accepting!
  2. Mate, I genuinely thought we were already friends! My apologies. FR accepted!
  3. The Prodical son returns!

    Accept my re-friend request then!
  4. Yes you have received another FR from me!
  5. Yeah, I've always said it too! It was a bastard when Halo came out though, a lot of people thought it was in reference to that! Kamara should have his own tv channel, where he presents ALL the shows! He's that awesome!!
  6. Cheers for that video chief, it's class! You gotta love Kamara as well!
  7. I'm actually from Wednesbury (unfortunately!!) I put Brum because people outside the Midlands don't know where it is, let alone anyone outside the country!! :0P
  8. Always good to meet a fellow Midlander!
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