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  1. Thanks matey!
  2. Nah I just find the stalker tools easier than most.
  3. Haha - some mod I am!
  4. It must be tied up in that, I can't see why your getting delayed?

    At the bottom where it says, 'currently online' and gives you a number, if you click that numbet is shows you who's online and what they're doing.
  5. Where's this "who's online?" option?
  6. Frank told me he was giving us mods the ability to confirm profiles for the time being due to the bots but I haven't received any notifications thus far. I suppose it's tied up with that - I clicked that link and still can't post - logged in but
  7. I've never seen so many. Everytime I view 'Who's online?' there are at least 5 trying to register every time.

    There was no delay at all, received my confirmation e-mail straight away, clicked it and was straight on it.
  8. The spambots are getting ridiculous. I'm on to Frank about it. Hey, how long did you have to wait before getting a new profile approved? I'm awaiting one, I can't post with it yet
  9. Seems to be a lot of spammers flying about here lately, check out the eWN news section.
  10. Can you send me a link to a meme generating site?
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