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  1. Only way I could get mine back in Robbie. Feel free to mess more.
  2. You weren't supposed to take out my picture Wade!
  3. Try again, all fixed.
  4. Hey I broked your sig trying to screw with it, sozzy
  5. Seems to be working fine for me chief.
  6. Hey Wade, can you try clicking on one of those limo pics in corebores thread and see what happens. It keep telling me I don't have those permissions
  7. Cheers matey!
  8. Good to see you re-imbued with all your powers.
  9. Glad I could tickle your funny bone.
  10. Hey Wade, you know whats funny? How you replied to that No News Is Good News Post of mine in Franks defunct news section and Barrett has the bad news gimmick now. That gave me a laugh
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