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  1. Happy Birthday old fellow.
  2. I would say Bullet Club v Time Splitters, Taguchi and Makabe. Okada & Yoshi-Hashi v Goto & Shibata. Tanahashi v Nakamura.

    Bit of a let down after WK8 but day 2 in Osaka is apparently much better.
  3. Matches to look out for?
  4. Fill ya boots then chief.
  5. Ooohh.. DAYUM!

    I'll deffo check that one out. So far this year I've only watched WrestleKingdom so I'm in need of a Puro fix!
  6. Just posted The New Beginning for the 9th in the Puro thread if you haven't seen it.
  7. Indeed he did, but the more help the merrier!
  8. No prob Bob.

    Although TT beat me to it!
  9. Sorted, thanks
  10. Spam gimp alert! Tea spot, time machines, etc. Watints
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